Save electricity and maintain air quality.

Arctic Vent Control

Ventilation on Demand for underground mines.

"After installation of Artic Vent Control there was a 29% decrease in energy consumption from the fans and a 40% decrease in energy for heating the mine air. The introduction of this new system in the Malmberget mine have led to a decrease in the annual electric energy consumption from 167 GWh to 72 GWh."
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Save money

Fans only runs when needed by using vehicle detection and air quality sensors.

Safe work environment

Use of scheduled operation to flush out toxic gases after blasting etc.


If existing systems already deployed Arctic Vent Control can integrate via common bus protocols.

Low initial investment

As each fan control unit is autonomous Arctic Vent Control is highly scaleble and can therefore be tested in one area before full or progressive deployment througout the mine.

Autonomous operation

Each fan control unit can operate on its own if communication does not exist or fails. Arctic Vent Control can be controlled via local HMI underground and/or remote from above ground.

Portable control units

As your mine changes, so does Arctic Vent Control. By being modular you can easily move control units to the new mining areas.

Vehicle detection and sensors

A receiver is connected to the control system and a transmitter is installed in vehicle. When a vehicle is detected the fan starts according to a pre-set ventilation demand for the type of vehicle. To the control system underground can connect sensors for temperature, CO and NO (among many other types of sensors like dust, flow or pressure). These sensors can inform the PLC how to adjust the fan(s) to maintain air quality.


Arctic Vent Control will schedule the control of the fan(s) if you for example have blasting at the same time each day.

Pressure and/or flow measurements

It is easy to connect pressure, gases, flow and many more sensors to Arctic Vent Control to enable further optimizations for Ventilation on Demand.

Local HMI

Our customers have reported that having a local HMI underground nearby fans has been very helpful. One can see how and why fans operate, sensor data, alarms and do basic setup. The HMI can be set up with authorization to prohibit unautorized access if need be.

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